Hello world!

At the Iron Horse in Athens, GA


When I was an RA in college, one of my adorable little freshman residents gave up her virginity to a random guy she met in a bar “just to get it over with.”

I was shocked at this attitude and feared for her inner emotional self, yet she proved time and again to be healthy, strong, vivacious and wise. Her zest for living and actualized wanderlust still to this day inspire me.

The lesson I learned from her is that the “right” choices for each person vary. For her it was the right choice to get that sexy thing over with. The pressure of choosing a perfect person or perfect moment to have sex for the very first time was something she mindfully chose to sidestep with … well, with grace. She also stayed “single” for all four years of college, as far as I know. Genius, genius girl.

When I find myself agonizing over details of something because I want it to be perfect, especially if it’s a *first* for me, I try to remind myself of the life lesson learned from her and just go for it. For some things, there is no “right time” because the right time has already arrived and it’s now. So here goes, Hello world! Welcome to the Ends to my Mean.

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One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Totally empathise with your resident’s perspective. Leap in there, move on, and improve. Or something like that.

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