2012 Resolution

I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions. I’m pretty sure I do contemplate them every year but I can’t recall a single one, so obviously they were not fulfilled and made no impact.

This year is different because mid-December I was hit with a horrifying inspiration while happily Christmas shopping at my local fancy outdoor mall. I have always had visions hit me and up until now I mostly allowed them to fade away; now that I am in a life stage where I am conscious enough to take notice and seize them it’s a bit scary.

When the idea for a 2012 resolution came to me it was appalling at first because I knew I was actually going to do it. Not just think about it, not just talk about it, not just do it for two weeks or a month. My mouth opened and I actually said aloud, “Nooo!” But I already knew it was too late.

I was not going to buy any new clothes for an entire year.

No Urban Outfitters. No Anthropologie. No LuLuLemon Athletica or Banana Republic or Zara. Not even clearance racks at Old Navy. Not even conservative, useful $4 tanks at Forever 21. No. New. Clothes.

Feel free to mock and/or criticize me in the comment section below, but this was initially a horrifying prospect. I love discovering new clothes. I love expressing myself with how I dress. I love the inspiration of new colors and patterns. I love how it feels to wear a new outfit for the first time. I love the feeling of hunting in stores like a predator, and the victory of finding my prey. I want to keep it forever and wear it to shreds.

I forced the idea out of my head, but I already knew the decision had been made. As December 31 approached, I bought a few last items. A true wrap dress, a pair of mustard-colored canvas flats. I bid farewell.

And as I prepared, something nice began to happen. I began to feel a lightness, a weight slowly lifting from me. A burden I didn’t know I was carrying began to ease upward off of my shoulders. I looked at storefronts and felt a relief of not having to decide whether or not to enter because I don’t go in those stores anymore! Free time has been created and I can do something productive with it! Money that I was going to spend now feels as if it has been created! I can now save for more meaningful expenses like travel or education! Exclamation points abound!!!

Another beautiful effect I’ve already benefited from are the exciting rules I’ve brainstormed about what clothing I can get:

  • I can buy used clothing from Goodwill or vintage stores. It’s a way to recycle and consume products from the Earth’s resources that already exists, instead of making new stuff. Hooray I can still hunt like the vicious predator I am! It will also make me feel hip 🙂
  • I can make my own clothing with my sewing machine. I can buy new fabric if necessary but I will also repurpose fabric from used clothing, maybe even curtains, etc. Scarlett O’Hara, anyone? This will also make me feel hip.
  • I can host clothing exchange parties with my friends! Everyone brings their old clothing they don’t really wear anymore and puts it in a big pile. Add some mirrors, music, white wine, and let the fun begin! My friend’s old blouse will feel new and exciting to me. At the end we can donate the leftover clothing. This will make me feel fancy, popular, and saintly. And hip.


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