Seriously Sweaty Stainless Steel

A few days ago I purchased a stainless steel water bottle from Whole Foods. I love my BPA-free plastic Camelbak with the sippy lid – especially because I can walk around drinking water without using my hands – but I felt the need to explore this stainless steel business because plastic is still, well, plastic.

At home I filled the new stainless steel bottle with cold water, left it on the kitchen counter, and came back a few minutes later to a mysterious wet counter and floor. I looked for the source but it didn’t seem possible that my friendly new water bottle could have caused such a mess. As a test, I put it on the floor and left for ten minutes more…


Noooooo! No! It could not be possible! Yet it was. My innocent quest for fun healthy things had produced a freakish amount of condensation.

I asked Google for help, and all I got was… well surprisingly not much! It seems the rest of the world just buys insulated stainless steel water bottles because they just know better. It also let me to believe that most companies just make insulated stainless steel water bottles, because non-insulated stainless steel water bottles are freaking stupid.

Kit-Kat here didn’t mind though:


I emailed the company and someone from customer service replied that he used that bottle daily and sets it on his desk without flooding, so perhaps my bottle had a “pinhole leak.”

I could continue the investigation by buying another bottle and seeing if I have the same problem. I think I could spend my time more wisely by just paying more and sticking to insulated bottles in the future.

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