The Diva Cup – How to save the world, one period at a time

When I posted a shapshot of my new menstrual cup on my facebook status, I have to admit there was a tickle of nervousness before hitting the button. I wasn’t entirely sure why – is it so strange to have concern for the millions of crusty old disposable feminine products piled in landfills? Is it taboo to discuss my period in a public forum where half of the audience is men? Apparently the answer to both questions is a resounding “Yes. Yes ma’am indeed it is”:

The comments were fast and furious and also funny. Little do my squeamish friends realize that landfills are not cool and I happen to give a darn. Also, the products that women typically use contain cancer-causing chemicals. Say what?! That’s right, poisonous tampons in your ladyparts.

The perfect solution? A menstrual cup! The United States has only one brand on the market, The Diva Cup, so try it out and if it doesn’t work for you sizewise a good friend of mind found her menstrual-cup-match in one of the many European brands available on eBay. For me, the Diva Cup works fabulously! It is a silicone cup that is easily folded and inserted to collect your lady business. At first I felt like I was 14 again trying to use a tampon for the first time, it was a humbling reminder of my teenaged self. It’s easy to get the hang of though, and when used properly there is no leaking and you can’t feel a thing! Unlike a tampon or pad it can’t fall out, so it’s perfect for runners or you athletic ladies. I use organic cotton pantiliners as a backup just in case there is a tiny amount that escapes the few times I don’t put it in perfectly – I just realized my next task is to harness the power of Google and find washable, reusable cloth pantiliners to eliminate that waste… Hmmm or else just wear designated old ratty underwears during my monthly ladytime and changing when needed. Thoughts?

Note: I stumbled upon the revelation that such a thing as a menstrual cup exists when I was googling to find the most environmentally friendly cat litter. A commenter somewhere had mentioned that having squared away all other aspects of her life to include using a Diva Cup, her final frontier was solving the mystery of which type of cat litter is best for the planet. I love the internet.

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